Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More leaves!

In my last post, I talked about getting new leaves put down but I never posted what they were!  Here's the list:

1) Cambridge Missy - (Adams) Semi-double blossoms with fringed green edges.  Medium green girl foliage. Miniature  
2)Mikinda Girl (A. E. Adams) Single cerise. Crown variegated green and cream, girl foliage. Miniature  
3)Wondrous Girl (H. Pittman) Semidouble light blue. Variegated, glossy girl foliage. Miniature (DAVS 1296, TX Hyb)  
4)Nancy's Baby Girl (D Rollins)  Dark blue flowers over dark blue girl foliage.  Miniature  
5) Kentucky Bride (D. Rollins) Single white large pansy/pink blush. Medium green, serrated girl foliage. Standard (DAVS 1601) 
6)Navy Girl (408) 12/01/1954 (F. Tinari) Double dark purple. Quilted, cupped, girl foliage. Large  
7)Persian Prince (8266) 07/28/1995 (S. Sorano) Semidouble medium blue pansy. Medium green, ovate, scalloped girl foliage. Miniature  
8)Little Clown (4917) 07/28/1982 (R. Nadeau) Single white sticktite/variable purple. Girl foliage. Semiminiature  
9)Ramblin' Lassie (9022) 03/23/2001 (S. Sanders/R. Brenton) Semidouble blue-lavender star. Variegated medium green and white girl foliage. Semiminiature trailer 
10)Shiawasee Trail (9023) 03/23/2001 (S. Sanders/R. Brenton) Double blue and white variable star. Medium green girl foliage. Standard trailer

I've already lost Navy Girl.  If anyone has a source where I can buy a set of leaves without having to buy 10 and then pay $10 shipping on top of it, please let me know.  I really want this one!

Yesterday, I received more leaves!  lol

Midget Silver Fox (E. Champion) Double dark blue. Mosaic variegated dark green and silver. Miniature (Mosaic leaves!  Squeee!)
Ness' Crinkle Blue (8136) 01/19/1995 (D. Ness) Double dark blue star/thin white edge. Dark green, quilted, serrated/red back. Semiminiature (I've had this one multiple times with no success... maybe this time?)
Precious Pink (6025) 07/05/1985 (H. Pittman) Semidouble pink. Variegated, plain. Semiminiature (DAVS 913, TX Hyb)
Appalachian Tussy Mussy (KC Arceneaux) Single to Semi-double pale lavender pansies. Crown variegated foliage. Semiminiature (User Database)
Rob's Slap Happy (9040) 05/31/2001 (R. Robinson) Semidouble dark coral pansy. Crown variegated dark green, white, cream and pink, quilted. Semiminiature
Rob's Chilly Willy (9461) 07/30/2005 (R. Robinson) Double silver-white star/medium blue overlay, edge. Crown variegated medium green and white, pointed. Miniature
Rob's Love Bite (9039) 05/31/2001 (R. Robinson) Semidouble black-red pansy. Crown variegated dark green, cream and beige/red back. Miniature
Rob's Antique Rose (8451) 05/23/1996 (R. Robinson) Semidouble silver-rose sticktite frilled pansy/darker shading, some silver-green tips. Dark green, pointed, glossy, serrated/red back. Semiminiature
Mac's Misty Meadow (10153) 11/06/2009 (G. McDonald) Single white sticktite pansy/green edge. Medium green, plain. Semiminiature
Malyshka Rusalka (10084) 08/07/2009 (K. Morev) Single-semidouble fuchsia frilled pansy/variable red eye; darker upper petals, white-yellow edge. Medium green, plain. Standard (Russ/Ukr) (Yes, I have this one but the leaves are so tiny that I put down that it's nice to have mature leaves finally!)

Rob's Kalangadoo, Very unusual 'leaf chimera' with semimini trailing foliage.  Double orchid blooms with dark blue fantasty streaks.  Unique, dusting and streaking of gold on pointed green foliage.

I received a crown of Kalangadoo.  Per a posting from Ann-Marie Keene, " I emailed Rob, he says it's chimera in the way that it can't be reproduced true by leaf alone, has to be suckers."  One leave broke off, so I'm going to put it down and see what I get.  Should be interesting!

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