Monday, August 22, 2011

1977 AVM's - The Redhead?

I recently received the entire year of 1977 AVM's and have been having a fun time reading through them! As fun as it's been, it's also been a little heartbreaking to see violets that are probably no longer around. Of course, I've fallen in love with one...

Does anyone know if The Redhead is still available? How about these?
Pink Granada (Granger)
Purple Spot (Lyon)
Henrietta Wilson
Celia (Maas)
Cat's Meow
Kira (Howard Utz)
Tippy (Lyon)
Sylvan Blue
Fredette's Sugar Blues

I'd love it if anyone could point me to some the violets that I've listed but I'm afraid that many of them are no longer around.

In other news, my close-up photo of Renee is going to be in FC2 as she wasn't pictured in that program. Thanks to Ann-Marie for helping out with this. :) Bambino, Iris, Kaper, and Topps will have photos as soon as my plants are ready :)

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