Sunday, September 25, 2011

RMAVC Sale photos

What I brought with me to the sale. Sold some, gave the rest away. I know a few are in good homes... hope the rest are too!

Powder Keg is the red in front. Behind is is Firebird II, the blue blossom in the upper middle is Picasso and the purple in the middle is unknown. It was labelled as Nortex' Starlet Haven but it's not.

Maas' Janet in the center with the large dark green leaves and purple blossoms. I have a leaf of that one now. The blue in the back by the guy's hand is Geneva Wonder. The light pink in the front right is Magnolia that now belongs to me. :) Thank you, Irina!

Maas' Janet

Rob's Bahama Mama

Hand Picked, a wonderful vintage from 1969. I love the foliage but I'm not crazy about the blooms. The foliage makes is a "must have" and it will end up in my collection at some point!

Rainbow's Quiet Riot

What's left at the end!

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