Saturday, September 24, 2011

Went to a Violet sale today

Sold/gave away 7 starters and was good... only *bought* 1 plant and 3 sets of leaves!

Do you know what they do at the end of a sale though? LOL

They GIVE things away! At least they did today! And I ended up with so many more plants and leaves, it's crazy! Since I hadn't planned to come home with these ones, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me about growth on them? :D

Cherries and Cream
Plum Gem
Reka Volga
Colonial Werries Creek

Island Hideaway
Rebel's Splatter Kake (I bought this one and then realized it was large... is it really???)
Ma's Fuzzy Slippers
Rechke Severka (not sure on the spelling of this one but it's a Russian Trailer)
Maas Janet
Jolly Eyes
Rob's Cotton Ball
Rob's Dust Storm

I bought leaves of Rainbow's Quiet Riot (the plants that I saw were breathtaking!) and a plant of Judie's Satin Doll. I know nothing about Judie's Satin Doll but it was so pretty! I took photos of the blooming plants before I disbudded, so I'll post them when I can.

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