Thursday, October 20, 2011


Someone asked me the other day what I use to fertilize my violets with so I thought I'd post about it here.

I use a variety of fertilizers, depending on the plant and the stage of development that its in.  I primarily use a fish and seaweed emulsion.  

AGE OLD FISH AND SEAWEED (3-3-2)  The original organic fertilizer is a blend of processed fish hydrolysates and North Atlantic sea kelp. Loaded with macro-nutrients Age Old Fish & Seaweed makes for an effective plant stress reducer, encourages root growth and is rich in carbohydrates.

I use just under 1/2 oz per gallon of water in almost every watering as the primary fertilizer.

I also use Schultz African Violet Plus (8-14-9) when I think about it on a monthly basis or so.  It does have urea in it but if it's not used on a consistent basis then it is fine.  I use it to mix things up a bit for my violets and give them things that the fish emulsion doesn't give them.

The last fertilizer that I just started using is a bloom booster by Fertilome, Blooming and Rooting Soluble Plant Food 9-59-8 (8 oz).  I just got it a few weeks ago but my plan is to give it to my adult plants once a month in a very reduced amount.  I've used it once and Simpler Times has gone bonkers and both French Lilac and Ness' Puppy Prints have both put out bloom stalks.  

I couldn't resist... this blossom was all alone and it looked so perfect!
Yes, it's my beloved Double Black Cherry :)

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