Thursday, October 27, 2011

French Lilac - First Bloom

French Lilac (2844) 05/17/1976 (J. Swift) Double lavender and wine frilled. Quilted, ruffled. Large (TX Hyb)

This is a fairly rare and hard to find violet.  I saw a photo of it online last spring and decided that I had to have it in my collection, especially since I have a passion for the vintage ones.  This summer someone posted on a forum that I'm on that they were looking for it and I piggybacked my request for one as well.  Within 2 weeks I had a good sized starter in my home (thanks, Deb!).  It's now blooming for the first time.  

According to Sylvia on the board, a lot of people wouldn't believe that French Lilac was an African violet when it first came out, because it was so different. Many florists sold it as a decorative house plant.  She hasn't seen it for years.  I'm glad that it's still around and am happy to share leaves this spring!


  1. Aneitasue said that she could get this plant to 20" easily and that it was a faithful bloomer for her. The wavy leaves are how the plant is supposed to be. It's a good show plant that needs a support ring until show time and then the leaves can be worked with for a nice symmetrical plant.

    I'm so pleased with this plant. It's on my list of plants to never get rid of. :D

  2. Hi! I've been looking for this type for a while since I lost it. Would you sell it to me or trade, please?

    1. Sadly, I lost my plant but I just won an auction for leaves. Hopefully I'll have babies next year! Where do you live, Lina?

    2. I have a French Lilac, which is fairly small (not growing very rapidly), and it hasn't bloomed at all yet. Does it prefer lower light? Any tips on how to get it to bloom?? The plant is healthy. I use Miracle Gro AV food, and I put 1/4 t. per gallon and fertilize each time I water. Thanks for any recommendations! I'm eager to see it bloom IN PERSON!