Thursday, October 27, 2011

French Lilac - First Bloom

French Lilac (2844) 05/17/1976 (J. Swift) Double lavender and wine frilled. Quilted, ruffled. Large (TX Hyb)

This is a fairly rare and hard to find violet.  I saw a photo of it online last spring and decided that I had to have it in my collection, especially since I have a passion for the vintage ones.  This summer someone posted on a forum that I'm on that they were looking for it and I piggybacked my request for one as well.  Within 2 weeks I had a good sized starter in my home (thanks, Deb!).  It's now blooming for the first time.  

According to Sylvia on the board, a lot of people wouldn't believe that French Lilac was an African violet when it first came out, because it was so different. Many florists sold it as a decorative house plant.  She hasn't seen it for years.  I'm glad that it's still around and am happy to share leaves this spring!

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  1. Aneitasue said that she could get this plant to 20" easily and that it was a faithful bloomer for her. The wavy leaves are how the plant is supposed to be. It's a good show plant that needs a support ring until show time and then the leaves can be worked with for a nice symmetrical plant.

    I'm so pleased with this plant. It's on my list of plants to never get rid of. :D