Sunday, October 2, 2011

Double Black Cherry

Double Black Cherry (1178) 08/11/1960 (Omaha AVC/Mrs. C. Anderson) Double wine-red. Quilted. Standard

How does it grow for you?

It's such an easy plant to grow. I'd pretty much ignored it for the summer except for watering and the occasional fertilizer and it rewarded me with tons of blooms this time around!  It's also a huge plant - 18" across.

What conditions do you grow it in?

DBC has a south-facing window with the added benefit of lots of Full Spectrum CFL's in that corner as well (that window has a balcony overhanging it so it's not as bright as it could be). I wick water almost all of my violets and vary my fertilizers from fish emulsion to Miracle Grow All-Purpose to Schultz Violet fertilizer.
I'm in Denver, CO so it's pretty dry here. Humidity for my violets all comes from the trays beneath.

Would you recommend this variety?

Yes! This is an awesome vintage variety that has gorgeous blossoms and takes very little maintenance. The blossoms aren't huge but they are full and lots of them. The blossoms also last for a long time.

Where did you get it?

I bought it last March at our regional show and sale. I arrived about 5 minutes late (5 minutes after the doors opened) and it took forever to get through the line. By the time I got through, most of the teen/adult plants had sold but this one took my breath away. The blossoms were getting old at that point but it was still breathtaking and I had to have it. I waited in the sale area holding it until my boyfriend came back from the bank with cash… I didn't know they didn't take plastic!

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