Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Violets - a list

This is a work in progress at the moment.  I'll post another note when it's complete. :)

Alamo Frills (starter)
*Allegro Paisley Pony (mouse ears)
Amy Lyn (starter)
Anastasia (starter)
*Bambino (starter and mouse ears)
*Bayou Secret
Berry Splash (starter)
*Bon-Bon (starters)
Broadway Star (starter)
Canadian Sunset (mouse ears)
Cherries and Cream (starter)
*Chicago Flair (leaf)
Christine (leaf - not doing well)
*Colonial Werries Creek (starter)
Cutie (leaf)
Dark Night of the Soul (mouse ears)
*Double Black Cherry
Evensong (leaf)
Feather (rooted leaf)
*French Lilac
Glimmer (leaf)
Granger's Peach Frost (starter)
Green Dragon
Happy Harold (starters)
Harbor Blue (Leaf)
Hawaiian Pearl (mouse ears)
*Iris (starter)
Irish Angel
Irish Flirt
*Island Hideaway (leaf)
*Jam Packed (mouse ears)
*Judie's Satin Doll
Jungle Print (leaf)
*Kaper (starter)
*Kei Yoki (starter)
King's Ransom (starter)
Lemon Kisses
*Lucky Me
*Lucky Me Sport (starter)
Lyon's Bunny Hop (starter)
Lyon's Pirate Treasure (starter)
Maas' Angela
Malyshka Rusalka (mouse ears)
Ma's Fuzzy Slippers (leaf)
Midnight Radiation
Music Box Dancer (mouse ears)
MyDelight (starter)
MyPassion (starter)
Neon Fireflies (mouse ears)
Ness' Crinkle Blue (leaf)
Ness' Orange Pekoe (starters)
Ness' Satin rose (leaf)
Newtown Quiet Resolve (leaf)
Optimara Molokai (starter - Project Plant)
Optimara Tradition
*Optimara Trinidad (leaf)
*Perfect Harmony
Persian Lace
Playful Spectrum (starters)
Plum Gem
*Pow Wow
Ness' Puppy Prints
*Nortex's Starlet Haven
Radiant Glow (mouse ears)
Rainbow's Quiet Riot (leaf)
Rebel's Splatter Kake (leaf)
Reka Oka? (starter)
Rechke Severka (leaf - Russian trailer)
Reka Volke (starter)
*Richter's Charm Song (starter)
*Richter's Green Dawn (starter/mouse ears)
*Richter's Pearly Shells (starters)
Rob's Antique Rose (starter)
Rob's Bahama Mama (leaf)
Rob's Dust Storm (leaf)
Rodeo Bonanza (leaf)
Rozovaia Akvarel
*Sherbert (starter)
Silverglade Flashes (starter)
Silverglade Plums (starter)
*Simpler Times
Sky and Snow (starter)
Storm's Eye (starter)
Teen Sweetheart (leaf)
*Tipped Honey (mouse ears)
*Tipt (mouse ears)
*Topps (starter)
Trinket Terrific (leaf)
Wild Irish Rose (leaf)
Winter Smiles (mouse ears)
Witch Doctor (starter)
Yesterday's Love (mouse ears)


  1. someone has a bad case of the violet fever

  2. lol Just you wait! A lot of these were gifted to me though so I'll be weeding through them to see what ones I want to keep and which will find new homes. Yesterday's Love may be finding a new home even before it blooms... it's classified as LARGE and I can't have too many large o nes!

  3. I added these today:

    Red Velvet Cake (leaf)
    Spanish Moss (leaf)
    Picasso (leaf)
    Allegro Watermelon Ruffles (leaf)
    B-Man's Etna (leaf)
    Red Lion (leaf)