Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lucky Me (Domiano)

Lucky Me (6298) 06/30/1986 (J. Domiano) Double orchid/darker mottling, variable purple edge. Light green, plain, glossy. Large (DAVS 942)

Lucky Me Sport.  I have this plant (and leaves put down too) but took a photo that of the picture that was on the starter that I bought. 

Jeannette Domiano was a hybridizer from New Orleans.  Her hybrids were known for their catchy names and unusual blossoms.  Per a thread on a forum that I'm on, here is some more info about this hybridizer:

In discussion with one of the members of our club, who was a close friend of Jeannette's, told us that she read a lot of class B romance novels and that is how she named a lot of her plants. It would be the title of the book or some section of the book that caught her attention. That is why some of her plant names were "risque". Plus, she named a lot of plants that had to do with New Orleans and surrounding Louisiana culture.

From what I understand, she was a real nice person, who enjoyed growing a hybridizing plants. She would share her plants with everyone. When she passed away, her husband called one of the members and told him that he was throwing out all and anything that had to do with the violets, that if he or any other members wanted anything, that they needed to come a get it. He told us that when they got there 2 days later, that they had to take things out of the garbage and try to save as much as they could. This included plants, seed pods, pots, soil, and anything else related. The husband hated violets and wanted nothing to do with them.

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