Friday, October 28, 2011

Tipt Propagation

I'm posting this to show the difference in how quickly or how slowly some leaves will send up babies.  Well, mostly to show how slowly some do.  lol  Tipt (Tipt (F. Richter) Single large lavender/purple tips. Standard)  As a side note, does anyone know when Tipt was introduced?

The two cups on the left are both Tipt.  They were put down on 5/4.  The one in the back still hasn't produced.  The one in the front put up mouse ears in August, I think.  The one in the lower right is Bambino.  I put the leaf down for the first time on 5/4.  It has already had the babies removed the 3rd week of September and these babies are new since then.

So, Tipt and Bambino in the upper portion of this photo.  The lower left is BonBon that is in desperate need of being separated out.  To the right of that (center and cut off on the edge) is Topps.  All of these leaves were originally put down on 5/4.  

So this just shows how quick some are and how slow others are.  I've learned a lot since I originally put these down and wouldn't use such long stems anymore, if nothing more than just to conserve space.  It didn't seem to hurt any of them though!


  1. Leaves down in May and still no babies in 6 months eek, I wonder what the ambient temps are around the leaves and if that makes a difference, Also Are you at a high elevation, I wonder what sort of difference air pressure would make. Are these is a box for increased humidity? hmm. It definitely makes a coveted violet worth something when it finally does bloom ehh.

    I know that one of our clubs members say to get a standard to show it takes her two years from leaf. She also says that she has slower growing conditions than most, but I have no idea what makes it that way for her.


  2. Tipt is notoriously slow. There was a thread on the Brats board that went off on that tangent, so I posted this. Green Dawn has been almost as slow!

    These were all in a covered container for about 4 months but then some of the babies got too big and so I removed the lid. Bambino hasn't been covered at all the second time around!

  3. And yes, I am at a high elevation. 5280' :)

    Angelluvbug put her leaf down in April with no babies at all yet. I don't remember where she's at.