Friday, October 14, 2011

Simpler Times - Watching the Development

Simpler Times 
Simpler Times (9193) 02/03/2003 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/Sorano) Double dark blue large frilled star. Dark green, quilted, serrated. Standard

Oct 2, 2011.  

There is much development yet for this blossom but it's the first time I've come even close to capturing the correct color for this one. There are more to come as there are LOTS of buds coming up right now !

This photo shows the depth of the blossom a little better.

Oct 3, 2011 
The blossom is starting to cup more.  


October 10, 2011

October 13, 2011


  1. Sally,

    Does the blossom closee or bell, at night and open more fully during the day? That is a phenomenon with many plant species. Just a thought on the early pics.


  2. I haven't noticed that this one does that but my Renee violet does close at night. Some of the newer blossoms are showing a lot more ruffle that I was expecting to develop on the first blossom but maybe she had to get warmed up first. lol