Saturday, October 8, 2011

Iris (Richter)

Iris (792) 08/05/1956 (F. Richter) Double light blue double. Quilted. Standard

All three Iris leaves have nice strong babies coming up.  I started these in sphagnum moss (not the good stuff but still moss rather than soil) and then transferred them into a moss/soil mix last week.  They're going pretty well for me, which is good since I have a few people who are looking for babies already!  I'm really excited for this one since it's yet another very rare variety.  (How is it that I've ended up with so many rare ones in such a short time?  haha)


  1. Very nice!! I'm trying to get back to this wonderful hobbie of growing and collecting violets. I'm so excited :)

  2. looking good, this are some very healthy mother leaves and babies you have growing there.

    Can't wait for the spring.... This is def on my wish list.

  3. @rmcandlelight, glad that you're getting involved with African Violets again. :) Have you checked out African Violet Nerds on facebook? It's a really cool group of people. :)

    @Steve, remind me in the spring about your Iris leaves. I have you on a list of folks but it never hurts to send a reminder! Glad you're reading my blog. :)

  4. I want to get into hybridizing myself, and back crosses to some of these older hybrids I think will add hardiness back into newer sometimes finicky stock.

    Also, we won't be able to do these backcrosses if we lose the older plants, so getting them and re-distributing them will be imperative to their future, we need to be thankful for those who keep older hybrids around, but also smart in getting them to a wide array of growers to ensure their future.