Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nortex's Starlet Haven?

Nortex's Starlet Haven (4810) 05/05/1982 (Nortex/B. Johnson) Double purple star/white frilled edge. Pointed, quilted. Standard (TX Hyb)

Photo for leaf shape.

The blossoms on mine have more development still to do but I'm posting this because there was a discussion on a forum that I'm on where they mentioned that they'd never seen it bloom double, as the description.  One of the ladies, AVJanet, posted this photo (below) of hers and Sylvia commented that hers had never bloomed double either.  Are there possibly two strains of this plant?  My plant is what the others at Violet Showcase looks like too.

Oct 3, 2011 Update

More information has been found regarding this plant.  

Sylvia found her 1985 Fischer Catalog and uploaded photos of the page that shows it.  It definitely shows a semi-double blossom.  

Photos from Fischer Catalog 1985

Sylvia says, "Also, the African Violet Society published paper Master Lists of African Violets before the computer program, First Class 2, and computers were available. In Master List Number 4, 1983, Nortex's Starlet Haven is listed with the official description. It reads: Reg. #4810,(Registered) 5/5/82, (Johnson) Purple Geneva fringed single star, quilted, pointed, standard. The registry number indicates that it is the same plant."  She is attributing this to a typo in the program First Class 2 but I do have to wonder if the typo was actually on that first Master List as I've now seen two photos that show at least a semi-double blossom for this plant. 

I also spoke with Violet Showcase and they said they've been growing the plant for that long and theirs has always looked like mine. This time around in there I saw no adult Nortex's Starlet Havens (of course, since last time in they had several lol). My blossoms are being very slow to open but they appear (to me) to be double. We looked at their older version of First Class and the photo listed there is one of Janet's photos. The photo shows what looks like a cross between the photo she posted above and my photo... The primary blossom is closer to her photo's color but there's more of a semi look to the blossom and the smaller blossoms that were opening up were darker and frilly like mine.

I'll update as I uncover more information about this plant.  I did find a Russian site that shows a drawing of this plant that shows a definite purple double blossom and I'm trying to learn more information there.  There is also a Polish blog that lists this plant as one that she was growing but there is no photo shown.  I've written to her to see if she has any photos of Nortex's Starlet Haven, so now we wait.  


  1. It could b a simple case of the plant u purchased was mislabeled.

  2. It could be. I'm going to talk to the vendor later today and see what he can tell me.