Friday, October 21, 2011

Nortex's Starlet Haven and my King Sooper's NOIDs

There are lots of blooms coming up on this plant now that I have it in natural light rather than under the brighter lights.  It seems to be behaving much better in general now!  Here's a photo of one of the blossoms that are almost completely open.

A couple of the NOID's that I bought from King Sooper's are blooming again.  They're in isolation and, other than A LOT of fungus gnats and icky looking leaves where the previous blooms that I couldn't convince myself to take off when I stuck them in isolation and they molded and marked the leaves, they seem to be doing pretty well.  It's still early yet but I wanted to remind myself of how beautiful they're going to look once they're deemed healthy and can come out to join the rest of my babies.

 Yes, icky leaves but it's only where the molding blossoms fell onto the leaves.

Don't pay attention to all the dead fungus gnats!  Ewwww!  Hey look, it's a pretty flower! :D

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