Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tonight's Violet Happenings

Just some photos of what's going on in my violet world tonight.

Simpler Times - this is closer to what she's supposed to be with all the frills.  I think that as the plant matures then she'll have more of the frills that took my breath away when I first saw this variety.

With the flash...

Different angle :)

Lucky Me

Oops!  It's a Kenya Cat!  (She hates the camera!)

The new Tiger cub.

The old Tiger cub - looking so sad :(

Ness' Orange Pekoe babies (and Happy Harold on the left)

Kei Yoki x 2 and Happy Harold x 2

Dark Night of the Soul


Tipped Honey - I put this one into a baggy to try to get it to do something and it worked!

Baby Mermaid - see the teensy little one on the right side?  That came up from a withered leaf and it seems to be growing, even if it's slow.

A few other varieties that are coming up - Radiant Glow, Hawaiian Lei, Storm's Eye, and Lyon's Bunny Hop

The leaves that arrived today - Red Velvet Cake, Spanish Moss, Picasso, Allegro Watermelon Ruffles, B-Man's Etna, and Red Lion


  1. omg Sally, I see you had a most excellent day as well. we will have to trade some leaves/plantbabies in the spring... aka I don't care what I have to trade to get a dark night baby come spring time.

    looks like something in the water is helping you get some really healthy plant lets keep up the good work.


  2. lol DNotS is such a slow grower that *maybe* I'll have something big enough to send you in the spring but you're on my list. (I had to make a list for who's asked for what so I don't forget come spring!)

    Not all of my plants are so healthy but most are. That poor "old" Tiger cub is so sad that Dave sent me a new one to replace it. I'll see if I can save the old one but it may have to be pitched. It's been fun to see your posts and babies over on the Brats board! And I just realized that you have a blog too!