Thursday, October 6, 2011


There are lots of things growing here!  

Simpler Times is continuing to develop and more buds are starting to open.  

Renee has a lot of bloom stalks coming up and the first bud from this batch is starting to open today.  I love that plant with her purple flowers and crazy leaves!

Baby Mermaid and Tipped Honey both have mouse ears on the leaves that I have down and I'm so excited!  Tipped Honey is one that I think is so pretty with her dogwood tips and Baby Mermaid is a variety that I don't even think is in the US other than this one.  If it is, no one has posted about it yet.  The Iris babies are growing well but not ready to take off the momma leaf yet.  There are two people already who have told me that they want one when they're big enough!

French Lilac is putting up bloom stalks and is another very rare violet.

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Double Black Cherry is still blooming her head off and Lemon Kisses seems to be at a stand still with the upcoming bloom stalks.  Not sure why that one isn't moving forward right now.  I put my Nortex's Starlet Haven in a new place and I think it likes less light.  Lucky Me, Perfect Harmony, and Optimara Trinidad are putting up more blooms stalks again too.  Trinidad seems to always be blooming its head off!

There are also two NOID starters that I have that I'm watching.  They came from the same mother leaf and have grown in the same conditions side by side but their leaves are a little bit different on each one.  The mother leaf was one that was loose when I bought another one from a nursery and I picked it up, so I don't know what it is.  The leaves are really nice though and I look every day for bloom stalks to come up... I'm anxious for this one!  The mother leaf is very prolific and already has more babies on it after I put it back down again.

There is more going on here but that's for another day.  I just wanted to share a few of the wonderful things that are growing!

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